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10 Tips for Improved Lakeshore Stewardship from US EPA

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Save The Lakes wants to help you better understand your lake, its watershed and how we all impact both. We also want you to know that "no lake association is an island" - in other words, you are not alone! There are many other organizations dealing with many of the same issues and lots of resources available to help you. The following web links provide a wealth of information to help get you started. Scroll down to see the full list of links or click on the topic to navigate that section quickly.

Water quality - State Agency - State Lakes Associations - Lake Education - Landscaping for Water Quality Protection

Water Quality

URI Watershed Watch - Volunteer Monitoring Program
Water Quality Program (URI Cooperative Extension)
Rhode Island Stormwater Solutions
Healthy Landscapes - Sustainable Landscaping
Onsite Waste Water Resource Center (septic systems)
North East States and Carribbean Islands Regional Water Program
National Lakes Assessment (US Environmental Protection Agency)
Clean Lakes (US EPA)

Understanding Water Quality - Water on the Web
Monitoring and Assessing Water Quality -
Volunteer Monitoring
Volunteer Lake Monitoring: A Methods Manual

State Agency Sites

RI Department of Environmental Management -
Water Resources
RI Department of Environmental Management -
Division of Agriculture - Herbicide Permits
RI Health Department - Beach Monitoring
RI Legislative Information
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection - Lakes & Ponds
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation - Lakes & Ponds Program
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services - Lakes Management & Protection
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation - Lakes & Ponds Management & Protection Section
Maine Department of Environmental Protection - Bureau of Land & Water Quality
New York Department of Environmental Conservation - Watersheds, Lakes, Rivers
US EPA Region 1 - New England

State Lakes Associations Sites

Connecticut Federation of Lakes
Massachusetts Congress of Lakes and Ponds Associations
New Hampshire Lakes Association
Maine Congress of Lakes Association
Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds
New York State Federation of Lake Associations, Inc.

Lake Education Sites

North American Lake Management Society
URI Watershed Watch - Additional Resources
Lake Access - Understanding Lakes
Water on the Web - Understanding: Lake Ecology Primer
Understanding Lake Data
Lake Scientist - Online source for lake science & technology
Lakes in King County, Washington (extensive resources - fact sheets, videos and more)
Minnesota Shoreland Management Resource Guide -Organizing a Lake Association
Creating a Lake Managment Plan (online tool)
Learning About Lakefront Property (US EPA)

Landscaping for Water Quality Protection

Northeast States and Caribbean Islands Regional Water Center - Sustainable Landscaping
Landscaping for Water Quality - An Overview
Lake Shoreland Protection Resources (USEPA)
Home Landscape Practices to Protect Water Quality
Landscape Design & Water Quality
Lake*A*Syst - Landscape and Vegetated Buffers
Sustainable Landscaping for Water Quality
Healthy Landscapes - Sustainable Landscaping
Lakes Like Less Lawns - Environmental Landscaping for Water Quality
Water Quality Landscaping: Frequently Asked Questions
Water Quality-Friendly Landscaping and Runoff Reduction
Landscaping for Water Quality
Protecting our Lakes and Rivers through Sustainable Landscaping
The Sustainable Landscapes Education Program
A Community Guide to Growing Greener
Planting a Vegetative Buffer (URI video)



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