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10 Tips for Improved Lakeshore Stewardship from US EPA

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"Lakes cannot manage themselves"

In order to ensure that our lakes continue to provide the beneficial uses, such as swimming, fishing, water skiing, or watching wildlife, that we treasure them for, developing and using a a lake management plan is a vital first step! The plans and resources listed here can help get you started looking at your lake in a whole new way.

Lake Studies




RI Freshwater Lakes and Ponds: Aquatic Invasive Plants and Water Quality Concerns
RI Dept of Environmental Management
State of the State's Waters (305 b) Reports
RI Dept of Environmental Management
2008 Integrated Water Quality Report
RI Dept of Environmental Management

Lake Management Plans




Lake Management Plan for Bowdish Lake
Northern Rhode Island Conservation District / ESS Group, Inc
Lake Management Plan for Smith and Sayles Reservoir
Northern Rhode Island Conservation District / ESS Group, Inc
Developing a Lake Management Plan Minnesota Interagency Lakes Coordinating Committee
Citizen's Manual for Developing Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plans Washington State Department of Ecology




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